Friday, March 15, 2013

Thoughts from Las Vegas

Went to a session this morning about using blogs in the classroom... like it was new and fresh. I did this in 2003.

ANYway... I've been thinking about submitting to next year's 4 Cs. Several of my sessions have been on technology that I would consider to be a little behind the times.

Last night Bedford St Martins publishing house took us to the Stratosphere, a hotel/casino that has a tower 851 feet in the air, and you could go outside up there. It was amazing.


  1. Nice! So pretty! And you should so totally go for it (the tech thing).

    1. If you had any interest, I would totally collaborate with you. It is the College Conference on Composition and Communication after all...

      p.s. Guess where the one is in 2016-- HOUSTON! I will plan to go if they will pay. It would be so amazing to see you!


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