Monday, March 4, 2013


So, we are in the process of completely redoing the bathroom and kitchen. This is the point in the remodel where you wonder if you'll ever be done...

What we've done: Scraped wallpaper (many layers that younger [STUPIDER] Laura thought were a good idea), painted the walls with texturized paint, then painted with color; Lowe's came to lay the tile floor; Mike has hung some of the cabinets.

Still to do: In the kitchen, we still have to buy a smaller, rectangular table; tear out the sink base and countertop and replace them, as well as the sink, garbage disposal, and faucet. Once the new, larger white cabinets are anchored, I'll be able to move the pots and pans and tupperware still in boxes in the living room. We're waiting on a special order wall cabinet and an OVR microwave, as well as a refrigerator. We still have to install silver handles as well and flip the hinges on a couple of the cabinets.

In the bathroom, the only thing left to do is hook up the plumbing under the sink and decorate a bit with a picture and a towel rack or two.

On to the pics!

Bathroom, after I'd torn off the red wallpaper down to the liner: (Can we all pause for a moment and appreciate how tiny this bathroom is and feel sorry for me since it's my ONLY bathroom? Okay? Good, carry on then.)

After we painted the white texture on the walls:

And the bathroom now, finished:

One end of the kitchen mid wallpaper tear-off:

That same end after (not finished yet, but walls and floor are done)

Before, another part of the kitchen:

Now: (still have to put in the bottom white cabinets and brown countertop... but floors and walls are done)

another "now" shot:

I can't wait to come back and post a finished pic of a finished kitchen... soon, I hope.


  1. That bathroom. Is. Amazing. It is SO NICE now. Incredible.

    Looking forward to seeing finished shots of the kitchen, but the progress looks great. I love the green of the walls.

    1. Right? Mike picked out the shower curtain, which I LOVE. I keep saying the bathroom looks like something out of a freaking magazine. If only it were bigger... or could duplicate itself in the basement.

      I love the pale green walls too-- we're going to put that on the living room walls too and get new carpet. That's next month's project.


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