Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just Brainstorming

Feel free to leave suggestions.

Short Stories

1. Stephen King
2. Alice Walker
3.Dave Eggers
4. John Green?
5. Flash Fiction (free downloads)
6. Found things?
7. Tumblr, blogs, facebook stories?
8. A textbook on symbolism, allegory, etc; lit theories?

Medicine in Literature Ideas
1. The Fault in Our Stars.
2. Unwind

I'll come back to these. I'm teaching Short Stories and Flash Fiction AND Medicine in Literature this summer. I have completely free reign over the curriculum and materials. It's intoxicating.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Everyone please pause for my genius

Do you ever feel inspired to write, but you don't know what to write about? That's not how it usually happens for me-- I feel inspired about something specific I want to get down on paper, so I go and I write it. But today, I feel this urge to create with words, yet I'm having no specific ideas...

Last night I dreamed I was at a writer's conference with famous YA novelists. John Green was there and Maureen Johnson, Patrick Ness (whom I've never even seen a pic of, so I guess my own made-up version of him was there), among others. And they were treating me like I was one of their own, and we were all discussing writing and writing together. And I kept thinking that I was such a fraud because they were treating me like one of them, and I was letting them, yet I'd never finished my novel.

At one point, I had this inspiration for a sentence, and I just stopped everyone so I could write it down. Like John was saying something, and I held up my finger all, "Wait, the genius must write" or something and scribbled down this sentence:

He was all sharp angles and rounded edges, elbows, knees, and shoulder blades.