Monday, January 14, 2013

Tru Fax

Reasons I love to make lists:

1. They make me more productive.
2. I don't forget things.
3. I feel better when I make lists, then I feel even better when I do all of the things on the lists. And I get to make more lists when I finish a list.

But really? The honest truth? I use them as a mind dump. If I put it down on paper, type it into Word or on a blog, I don't have to worry about forgetting it.

And also? They're creative. When I was in high school I had notebooks of lists-- Things I Hate, Things I Love, Things I Like (it's a fine distinction), Things that Make Me Happy. Just last week I titled one "Things That Will Make Me Feel Better If I Just Do Them."

Is it weird that it bothered me that the class had already talked about lists? And that our instructor talked about finding a list titled "Things I Hate" in a library book one time? Because I could have made that list. In fact, I wonder if it's one I wrote. It would be like me to write it on the back of a birthday card and then forget it in a library book. (Though I've used the back of old cards to make lists, my favorite things to make lists on are envelopes-- used ones. Recycling, yo.)

But who would believe me now that they've already discussed it?

Oh, yeah, I'm taking a fiction workshop. Started yesterday. Here's a blog I'm keeping just for the homework:

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