Friday, January 4, 2013

Stupid resolutions with their stupid exercise

I'm not saying this to be funny or cute, I'm saying it because it's true: people who LOVE working out, I don't get you.

I know you exist. I used to think you were pretend-- that you were people who worked out and then wished you enjoyed it like I did, so you said, "Boy, loved riding the bike" or "Geez, running those 8 miles was awesome" just so it might feel like you did, but now I know, that a lot of you actually, genuinely, enjoy this crap. I just. I can't.

I hate you. That's all. I envy and hate you.

Carry on. I'll try to get on the elliptical, like twice a week, and I will consider that a HUGE victory and while it will feel good that I've done it, I swear I will never "enjoy" it.


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  1. That amazing diet book I read last year, "Why We Get Fat," finally explained this phenomenon to me in a satisfactory way. The problem is people HAVE to say "I like exercising" because they have this calories in calories out way of thinking about diets. When you see it's not about calories, but rather about the KINDS of foods you eat, as well as what kind of metabolism/hormones you're genetically blessed with, you see that some people naturally burn energy fast, energy they WANT to spend up else they sit there antsy... hence motivation to exercise.

    I feel like I did a bad job relaying that. Long story short, some people do have significantly different genetics and so they want to exercise for the same reason you don't want to exercise.... you're just responding to your energy metabolism.

    People usually see this backwards. "Oh they're skinny because they want to exercise and exercise a lot." It's really, "They want to exercise and exercise a lot because of the very thing that's also making them skinny."


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