Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kitchen? Picked up, wiped down. Lasagna in the oven.

Tonight, I should really clean my room. Again. The neverending, always returning job. Boo.

And I should really work on my lesson plans for tomorrow. Because of reasons. Stole this from my colleague, but I'm pretty excited about it: Going to have the students write their own and maybe record themselves reading them. Fun. For me, anyway.

Ever think something in your head and believe it to be true and then say it out loud to someone else and realize the opposite is actually true? What is the magic that happens when words are formed by the tongue instead of the pen or the typing and hit the air, receiving oxygen and sound? Because I swear I understand myself better when my thoughts are audible. Maybe that's why I'm talking to myself so much lately... shut it.

The first week back has been good. I'm tired, but I've really had it quite easy when I compare it to last semester. What I should do is come in at 8 am each day, and you know, that's probably what I'll end up doing... startiiiiiing NOW. Or next week. Whatever.

9:00 am is good too. Right?

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