Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just thinkin' it through...

Wake up at 7:30 and make Jay birthday breakfast!
Take Jay to testing at the new school at 9:30.
Head to work and wait for his text that he's done so I can come back and get him.
In the meantime, I will work on my lesson plans and secure two computers for my classroom.
I'll take Jay home when he's done, probably grab him some lunch, then to home.
Then back to school to teach at 1:30 and be done by 2:40, so I can make a break for it and get to the school in time to pick him up.
then we go to a doctor's appointment. Mike will meet us there and take Brad home, and I will go on from there to Kentucky. Seriously. It's just across the river, this dietician that I've heard amazing things about. We'll see.

Then on Friday, I have to be at work until 1;30 or so. Then I'll pick up Jay's cool cake we ordered and get some balloons and maybe some fun things to open. Then off to a restaurant of Jay's choosing followed by cake and presents back at the house.

Then we chill... yo.

I am going to embarrass myself with the amount of sleeping in I plan to do on Saturday and Monday.

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