Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why Facebook Sometimes Stresses Me Out

Okay, this article, linked below, is why I never, ever friend students unless they've crossed over into friendland after the course, and I mean friendland IRL, which cannot happen during the course, and only happens after the course as a matter of, well, course. Except for Jaimes. And Bekah. And JaronandLauraandTim. But all others and since that first year, no more friending. And also, I defriended all of those people except Jaimes on Facebook. And other Laura, because she is so smart and interesting.

And this is why I never, ever facebook friend someone from work. Seriously, I used to, and I got rid of them all too, and then made it a point not to friend ANYone from my current place of employment, even though they ALL friend each other. I just say, "Oh, I only use that for family" and triple-double checked that I'd made the page private, seen only by "friends."

High school friends, you're next. I mean, c'mon. We're not interacting, we're visually stalking each other. Period.

But yeah. We are a little different with family than we are with friends, even if it's not drastic BIG differences. And it's stressful trying to remember that and keep it all straight and still interact.

This is why I love tumblr-- it's fresh and I started over and only one person IRL reads it and sees what I repost or write there.

Article here.

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  1. I'm deleting my Facebook today! Right now actually.


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