Friday, November 16, 2012

Doing the math

I overcommitted. It's late in the game to realize that, but there it is.


I've got 21 papers to grade by Sunday night. That's not bad. What bothers me is that I will have 29 papers to "re-grade" by Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.

Then I will grade 29 new papers on November 30, and they MUST be turned around by December 4. THEN I will regrade those papers after they've been written between December 8 and December 15.

Add to that 5 more papers for the projects at another school = no life.

I cannot freaking wait for December 21. All grades must be in by then. My life begings again that day.

I will bake, clean, sleep, and watch silly videos. I will catch up on TV and read books, books, books.

It's about a month away... I can do this.

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