Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Dear Me,

When you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and behind on EVERYthing, try to remember that you feel this way only because you have a husband who genuinely likes spending lots of time with you; kids who want to tell you everything that's going on in their lives and ask your advice; coworkers who want to call you friend and ask your opinion on their projects; and a job where the demand is in direct proportion to how fulfilling it is.

Yeah, remember that as you fall into bed at 11 pm, unprepared for your evaluation with your department chair tomorrow, behind in your course and your grading, and feeling like you didn't give enough attention to your family.

And then remember that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and then Christmas and those sweet, sweet 3 weeks of vacation filled with family and reading and relaxing.

You got this.

Love, Me.


  1. Wow, that picture. Sunday nights are the worst for my depression. I'm not alone!

    1. Yes, well... it does mean Monday and whole new work week are just around the corner.


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