Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Best. Birthday. EVER. No, seriously. My husband literally spent 1200 dollars on real jewelry for me-- a wrap for my solitaire, 1/3 karot (this is how Mike told me to spell. I KNEW it was wrong. It's carat or karat, darling.) CERTIFIED princess cut diamond earrings, AND an 1/8 round solitaire for my cartilage on the left ear.

ALSO. A sterling silver chain with a beautiful designed created sapphire and little white created sapphires... lovely.

And my husband said I should definitely get a tattoo because that would HOT. So. I'm thinking maybe on my foot... a line of poetry. Suggestions welcome. And I'd LOVE to get my sons' names and their birthdays on the inside of my wrist.

Life is so good. Chocolate cake, candles, just the best birthday I honestly think I've ever had.

Forty looks just fine.

My son says this makes me look like a zombie... I guess I can see that.

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