Friday, October 19, 2012

This is to help me organize...

I can't. I just. I can't.

Microsoft Word wouldn't save my files last night. I would grade a paper, try to save it, and it would say I couldn't due to filetype. It did this with every kind of filetype, no matter what it was. So, I literally spent the entire afternoon/evening trying to figure out what had happened-- I assumed it was a virus. Spent until 10 pm trying to fix it, and finally figured out what was causing it though I still don't know how it started. I graded seven papers and created a presentation and lay down around 2:30, drifted off sometime after 3:30, got up this morning and delivered the presentation (which went REALLY well, so yay), had lunch with my son and came home. And now.

Now I need to grade the rest of one college's papers: 15 and then grade the other college's papers: 14. You know, 29 papers. No... biggie... Write two discussion posts and reply to four people; then create the presentation for that course by Sunday night.

The plan is to grade all of the papers and do one discussion post today.

Then one discussion post and a presentation tomorrow. Then rest on Sunday.

*complain, whine, complain*  Sorry. Call me a wambulence.


  1. If you ever have computer stuff like that, call me! I know some work-arounds. I'm sorry, that really sucks. Do your kids read this blog? Because I was going to say something, but now I won't, but now you probably know what I was going to say. :P

  2. Your Tumblr made me think of Joss Whedon. The passive voice comment.


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