Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No matter how quietly you whisper

Here is what I promise. I promise that I will listen when you talk. If I am writing, I will put my pen down; if I’m watching TV, I will turn it off; if I’m running from place to place, hurried and busy, I will stop mid-step. I will turn to you, look at you, and hear every word you say.
I won’t change the subject or connect what you’re saying to something that happened to me; I will be comfortable with your pauses and will not fill the in-between air with meaningless words of my own. 
And when you’re finished telling your story, really and truly have gotten it all out, I’ll ask only one question, and I promise to mean it with all of my heart, “How can I help?”
And then I will listen again.


  1. You know Skip Beat? I think that's the right manga. The protagonist had to learn to make everyone love her, or to love everyone or something. Yeah, it was the latter. I think that's really key to that IT factor -- really wanting to please people. You have to care that people like you. And I think you have more of that than I do. :P

    Obviously it can be bad to care too much if people like you, but there's something good and selfless about it when it's in check. I don't mean the bad kind.

    1. I think it's more about liking people than worrying about whether they like you. You like them, you want to listen, and you might just be a blip on their radar, even if you made them feel better and heard them.


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