Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stupid puffs of stress and old age and... genetics?

The bags/dark circles under my eyes have always been there. Here I am at 18:

It's kind of hard to see, but my eyes disappear when I smile because the puff under my eyes (check out the puff on the top of my head, but hey it was the 80s get off me) pushes up into my eye area. Bah.

Lately, however, whether due to the trouble I have sleeping, stress, or age (or more probably some combination of those three things), the under-eye issue has gotten worse. So today I put preparation H on the areas... yeah. I've always said I'd never get surgery on my face, but I'm starting to think this is like, changing the way I actually look. Which is not cool when you're inexplicably vain.

Trying not to be. 

In other news, it's Sunday, and we're going to church, but first a check-in-- I did write at least 750 words every other day; in fact, I wrote more than that some days, and I definitely wrote something every single day (except yesterday). So hurrah. BUT. None of it was on my WIP. It was all nonsensical fun type stuff. But it's a good way to start a habit, you know make it fun for the first week. This next week, my goal is to write 750 words every other day ON MY WIP. Report back next Sunday.

As for today, Laura will be grading... I've collected 44 papers, and 14 of them MUST be graded by 8 am tomorrow morning. I've got this whole system set up-- grade 5 papers, give yourself a reward of entertainment-- like viewing one of the few vlogbrothers videos I have yet to see; read 10 pages of the book I'm enjoying right now; or watch one section of a show I've tivo'd up to the commercials. And so on. Maybe I can get 20 done and get a bit ahead for the coming week...

See you on the other side.

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