Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Step back, it might be catching...

Holy crap, it's the Bekah theory!

See, I have this friend Bekah, and she has this theory (confession, amazing self awareness?) that some of us have input/output cycles.

Like I said in my last post, I went through about, well, if I'm honest it started in July, so 6-8 weeks of reading, TV watching, and insightful video viewing on Youtube (input). And now, now all I want to do is vomit words onto the page or work on lesson plans or talk to people about the things I've read and seen (output).

Bekah, it's a thing. And I've got it (like a disease?). Now, if I could just put my output to work on what I felt like instead of letting inspiration hop and skip me on each rock across this stream, I might have something real to show for it when the next input phase hits me.

What do you think? Is this a thing for you too, sometimes?


  1. Sounds like an excuse to not sit down every day and write. *avoids thrown stones* But I do have times when I need to read more and times when I need to write more. And whatever works for you! Lately I haven't been writing every day anyway, so I'm not speaking from a self-righteous standpoint but a theoretical one.

    1. I agree with both and all, which makes my head hurt-- I really do think this is a real thing, but I also think you should sit down and write every day. Which means it's even more about discipline than when first supposed, you know?

    2. Definitely true. Yeah, I guess I agree with both too.


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