Sunday, September 16, 2012

Motivation, I can haz it?

Lol cat reference! Anyone...? Anyone...? Too old hat? Okay, moving on.

Comforting. I mean, I know some of my friends have taken a while to write their drafts and have had to rewrite their drafts, but it's nice to hear it again and again from published writers whose work I admire. And I think I read somewhere else that he took 4 years to write that same book. I read too many Stephen King interviews, because I kinda worship his writing style and his characterizations, and he writes most of his books in 3-4 months. Now, I'm sure that is just a first draft, and there simply have to be months of revision that follow, but he does seem to (according to his interviews) get most of it right the first time. The jerk. It's an impossible standard for new writers to aspire to. Maybe after we've been writing for 40 years like he has... maybe.

I have to remind myself that: I have 1.5 jobs right now teaching writing to college freshmen (which means GRADING PAPERS-- BOO to the HOO); that my husband gets hurt if I don't spend time with him most evenings (luckily he usually falls asleep around 8 or 9); that my kids enjoy my company (which I should take advantage of because, let's face it, when you have teenagers, that is not always the case); and that I have a house I'm supposed to sorta keep clean... and do laundry in... and yes, watch some fall TV while I fold clothes.

So, it's hard to find time to write, but it's not impossible. Which is why I'm planning on doing my own version of Nanowrimo. The last time I did this, I got 30,000 words out of it. I didn't end up keeping much of it, but it did help me work out a few things on the page and figure out more of my story, and that's a good thing. Nothing good can come of not writing.

So I'm planning on doing 750 words a day in November; that's weekends, holidays, whatever. EVERY DAY. And I'll start doing every other day this week. Baby steps.

Check this site out. I'm going to see if it helps me-- some of my friends have used it to motivate them to write their dissertations or first drafts of pieces for literary journals. (Yech... I'm such a grown up.)

I just want to get the bones down on this story that I've been thinking about and trying to write for 5 years now. Check in next Sunday.

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