Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good news and spoiler butts. and inevitably, The Fault in Our Stars

Look, I know the guy at work was older and maybe a little out of touch, but I had just loudly announced, "I haven't seen it, so don't spoil it for me!" Regarding a new show that came on this week... he wasn't listening and proceeded to tell the BIGGEST SPOILER OF THE ENTIRE SERIES. And hey, I'm not asking him not to talk about it, but you know, give me a sec to get out of the room. I just really HATE spoilers.

I picked up The Fault in our Stars by John Green after work today, as something to read while Brad had piano lessons. After what I'd read about it, I wasn't too enthused, but I was going to hear him read in October, so I figured I should read the book I planned to ask him to sign. Thought it would take me a while to get through too-- I just don't like sad. And I suspected sad.

BUT. I laughed quite a bit during this book. I felt all the feels. And I finished it five minutes ago. It was a one nighter for me. It's a solid YA book. Touching, sweet, funny, thoughtful, and yes, sad. Especially reading it as the mother of teenage boys.

And I'm not sick anymore! Feel like a person again! No more puking-- huzzah!

[This paragraph makes no sense, unless you read the blog post I wrote after it... which is technically above it right now.] So, you know, dear readers, all 1.5 of you, give me good, solid but not cliched book ideas. I swear if the world were mine and I had two semesters to teach it, I'd toss in Twilight because it would make a bloody fantastic study on overused tropes and cliches, and anti-feminism, and racism, vamps versus werewolves... I mean that could be super deep... oh, wait, never mind any of this last paragraph-- I'm on Ambien. It was the walrus' idea to include Twilight. He's a kindly and fluffy old gramp, but his ideas are terrible and not well thought out.

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  1. You've probably already thought of this, but The Perks of Being a Wallflower. John Green definitely. I'd stay away from books that have movies, myself, but that's me being all picky. Perks has a movie, I guess. A part of me thinks it'd be cool to do the anti-Twilight book, an example of GOOD YA supernatural romance. But I can't think of anything. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was the closest that got, and that went VERY urban fantasy at the end. The best YA romance I've ever read is Graceling, but I don't think it's class-worthy.

    Glad you're not sick anymore! I knew it was a 24 hour thing.


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