Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weight... Again...

So I started on Adipex this week. WOW. It's like I own my body again. I eat when I'm genuinely hungry and I don't overeat. I have energy I never imagined possible.

The drawbacks? Some of the side effects are uncomfortable-- I have some of the more rare ones. Probably the one giving me the most trouble is the random excessive sweating. I mean, I'm not hot, I'm not even doing anything, and there will be SWEAT. Sometimes it's a cold sweat. And if I'm cleaning or working out, fuggedaboudit-- sweat city! It's almost like my body is heating up, my metabolism is revving up, it's melting the fat-- because the sweat is in a weird place: my middle, where my fat lives, brutha.  I've also got cotton mouth occasionally.  But the trade offs? TOTALLY WORTH IT to feel in control of myself again. I'm a little worried about when I go off it; I'm just going to have to focus on making good habits and retraining my taste buds.

One of the good side effects? The label calls it "a false sense of well being." Which makes me laugh because, well, if I feel good, what's false about it? I don't think I'd still feel good if something bad happened, it's just like a normal day, and I do feel amazing, but how is that a bad thing?

I have not experienced any heart racing, something I kind of expected. That's the kind of thing that would be a deal breaker for me, so glad it's not an issue. If it becomes one, I'm done.

Anyway. We'll see. I'd love to be down significantly by my 40th in November. It's a big birthday.

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