Monday, August 13, 2012

Dream Job?

I am going to force myself to come back here and read this next time I'm burnt out and think I don't want a job. Staying home without any schedule makes me USELESS. I watch a LOT of tv and that is about it. The first 3 weeks are usually good, then I just go to pot. That doesn't mean I feel like going back to work; I don't. But I feel very slimy and gross and depressed, and I know that needing to get dressed and ready and be somewhere, more than just for Sunday church is a must for me. And going out to spend money just makes me nervous, so shopping and eating out aren't as much fun as they might be for someone else.

I go round and round; if I were super rich would I still work? If I didn't, I'd have to be very disciplined and get some kind of a writing schedule in place, make appointments for book clubs, exercise classes, SOMEthing. I could do that now, but I'm going back to work one week from today and do have plans for the weekend (thank goodness).

Living the dream? I don't know. Maybe it works better as just a dream.


  1. I really think my ideal working situation would be a very consistent part-time gig, maybe 9-2 Monday through Thursday or something like that. It would still get me up early, but I'd have the afternoon for home chores and exercise before the rest of the world gets done. *dreams*

  2. Hi Laura! I work full time and write whenever possible but the perfect situation would be part-time day job so I would have more time for writing.

    I am horribly unmotivated if I am not forced to shower and dress every day.ha


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