Saturday, August 25, 2012

But I'm so good at it...

I'm doing that thing. You know that thing that writers and teachers do where they do ANYthing they can think of other than what they should be doing, i.e. grade papers, write, lesson plans... I am quite good at it, I must say.

What I really want to do today:
Read a book I got from the library yesterday about time travel.

What I would feel good about doing today:
Help my son pick out paint and get started painting and fixing up his room.

What I have to do today:
Finish lesson plans for the semester and get them posted into the online LMS. And check up on the online classes I'm teaching at the other school...

What I will try to do today:
The lesson plans and the online stuff... and we'll pick out the paint and at least make a plan for painting. Maybe we can get started painting tomorrow after church... the day of rest...

ETA: Goodreads is EATING MY LIFE. When I'm not messing around on it, finding more books, reading reviews and discussions, or requesting books from the library I've found there, I'm reading the books I've found there... ugh.


  1. Goodreads and book reviews are crazy beasts. I often overwrite, but I write my impressions and, like you, try to avoid synopses. I often have public conversations about books by responding to people's comments or commenting on their reviews. Fun times. I love seeing you on board. You and a couple of my YA librarian friends will help me pick out which YA books are most worth my limited (but treasured) time.

    1. Well, I wrote you an interesting reply and Blogger ate it. It always does unless I remember to switch from Google Chrome to IE. To bed now, but I will properly respond tomorrow! The gist of it was really just... thanks. :)

  2. Laura, two words (squished into one): Wordpress.

    Just sayin'.


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