Friday, June 29, 2012


I don't really care, yet for some reason, it does make me feel... relieved? that Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise. That relationship gave me the creeps from day one, wish her the best.

In other news, JUST TWO MORE WEEKS OF WORK! Then I'm really off. I found out I will be receiving some kind of part time contract for the upcoming school year, more than I'm making/doing now, which is great. AND thanks to my writing group, I've been writing. Like new stuff for the WIP, and improving some of the stuff I've written, like drastically. It feels good to be moving forward again.

If not for this ridiculous headache, this would be a pretty good evening...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Right Now

I think someday I'll look back on these blah days, these not-really-awesome-but-nothing-truly-horrible-has-happened days, and I'll realize they were the real gems, the moments we have it all right now, right here, no true loss or heartache yet. So I'll bask in the sound of my son's video game and the sight of my husband on the floor sorting his baseball cards. We're all here and healthy: it's a good day.

And I love watching old shows, shows from the 90s mostly or the early 2000s. I picture myself hiding between the years, like I see this very literal mental picture-- the years are these cozy blankets, and I crawl and hide between them. Nostalgia is a very powerful thing.

So I'm balancing the right now with the back then, wallowing in them both until I (I'll never) get my fill.