Sunday, April 1, 2012


Watching a Dateline special, and I had to turn it off. I can't watch or read stories about extreme bullying that results in suicide; they make me sick, like actually physically ill. Especially those gems with the bullies who continue to bully a victim after death-- taunting the grieving family and celebrating the death.

Something inside of me sort of snaps when I hear that. The mother in me wants to see them suffer. Like, really, really suffer.


  1. A movie just came out that the MPAA squashed. It's called BULLY and it's a doc about it. Critics who saw it said it should be required watching for anyone in high school or middle school. The problem is, it has a few F-bombs so it automatically gets an R. Well, the movie withdrew from the MPAA and is stuck with a Not Rated rating, which means not a lot of theaters are picking it up. AMC is though. They're letting kids under 17 see it if they have a signed parent slip. It's an interesting thing.


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