Saturday, April 21, 2012

Okay, it's one of two things..

Either I'm old or I've just watched and read too much, but I swear, I can predict just about any TV show. Maybe it's the hints. They seem so obvious to me most of the time, a trail of breadcrumbs for viewers to go back to and say "Oh, and this and this-- it all fits together!" But I swear I usually see it all coming ahead of time. Are we supposed to? At least to some degree? Do you?

There are a few that are written so well that I can't predict what happens next, yet I don't feel that the events come out of left field either, and I go back to those breadcrumbs and say, "yeah, right, okay they *did* set this up." And there are always those that do come out of nowhere, and I usually stop watching those. You have to give me some honesty in the character and story-- they can't act out suddenly contrary to the circumstances and their own  beliefs, things you've written up to this point.

Maybe that's why I liked Buffy so much. Even though I knew who would live or die, the "monster of the week" way it was written kept me guessing, and who in the world knew that Buffy was "The Gift" or that it was all set up episodes ago?  Or that Buffy would actually have to kill Angel, the real-for-real Angel just as he was healed in Season 2?

Oh, Joss. Come back to TV and do something great. I miss you. I miss not knowing what's coming and that delicious moment when it all comes together.


  1. I had things to drink tonight so I'm going to be blunt. I have two blunt things to say.

    1. Of course monster of the week isn't predictable, that's why it sucked and writers have stopped doing it. It's just random and we want an overall story.

    2. You watch too much network TV so of course you can guess all the shows. Breaking Bad. Mad Men. Game of Thrones (minus the books). Guess what will happen with those.

    1. But Buffy always had an overarching arc to each season, and some of my very favorites were those "filler" eps, the MOW stuff. All shows have occasional filler eps if they go for a full 24 episode season.

      And you know I watch all of the shows you mentioned-- I can kinda guess what will happen with BB. Even MM-- they have to stay in "real life" they can't suddenly do something outside of the realm of human possibility, so while I can't predict the little things, I can guess where they're taking a character. It's rare that any show has me truly surprised. Didn't you and I even discuss that the Chicken Man had to die? We didn't guess how it would happen, but we kinda knew it would-- it was where the character/storyline was headed.

      That doesn't mean I don't thoroughly enjoy those shows, or that they can't surprise me from time to time, but like I said in the post, it's very rare anymore.

  2. I think they're predictable for a reason. Recent studies have shown that people may even enjoy a story more if they know the ending beforehand. Have you watched any of the UK's Sherlock? I saw the first episode, and it's dark but fun.


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