Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Read Anything Good Lately?

I've been catching up on Fringe and looking for a good book. I'm just not in love with what I'm reading now-- it's not bad-- The Hypnotist by Lars... and I'm too lazy to go downstairs and look at the jacket to find the author's full name. I enjoyed The Monk Downstairs, light literary mainstream, and I suffered my way through One for the Money by Evanovich. It wasn't grammatically bad, but it was boring. The plot was good, but the writing was pretty mundane-- "Then this happened and this happened. Then this other thing happened. The end." But I guess I can see why people like it-- it's certainly a quick and easy read.

But I'm looking for something I can escape into. I want a book, or better yet a series of books, that I don't want to put down. I haven't experienced that in a while. I miss that Stephen King high.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Lately, I'm very disillusioned with the YA I've found to read. It's just not up to par in the prose or character development departments. It can be, but I've picked up some real losers lately. I also like horror, but I'm more into magic realism these days. There has to be a good magic realism novel that I haven't read yet, but if there is, I haven't found it.

In other news, work is good. I like having my evenings back.


  1. Right now I'm reading GRACELING and really enjoying it, 22% in. It's YA fantasy. I'd call it "high fantasy" but it's more dumbed down than that. Like the Chronicles of Prydain. The characters are pretty good, 8 out of 10. That's using a regular scale, not a YA one. So good on it.

    Also reading HERO, 75% in, which is an urban fantasy about a closeted gay teen superhero-in-training. I'm enjoying that one okay enough to finish. It's like Sky High (remember that movie?) but smarter. But not that smart. It's not brilliant. It's just a solid superhero thing.

    Anyway neither of those are up your alley. Just thought I'd share.

    You could always read JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL. That's like the magical realism of Jane Austen.

  2. I really liked One Day by David Nicholls - they did a movie of it recently which I haven't seen yet, but the writing in the book was great.

    Also there are a few books by Tana French (In the Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place) that are all really good. She is really a great writer, I love her prose. They are sort of murder mysteries set in Dublin.

    In the YA zone, I'm currently reading a book called Legend by Marie Lu that I am really liking a lot. It's set in Los Angeles sometime in the future, sort of dystopian adventure. Also good in the dystopian genre is Divergent by Veronica Roth. Her prose is very sparse and it took me a while to warm up to it, but I liked it more and more as it went.

    A couple books by Gayle Forman called If I Stay and Where I Went (Where I Went is a follow up to If I Stay) are both tightly constructed and quick reads that were very well-written.

    That's all I'll give you for now, haha. Are you on goodreads? You can check my profile there to see what I've rated some stuff... http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/810540-jen

    I know we have the same taste in tv shows, maybe it translates to books too? ;)

  3. Oh did you ever read this book called HOW I LIVE NOW? Magical realism. You're welcome.

  4. Jaimes: Yeah, I've liked a few things I'd consider "high fantasy" but not sure it's a genre I can get excited about. Will definitely check out How I Live Now. :)
    Jen: I really liked the Forman books! Sweet and well written. Have you read the Jessica Darling books? I loved those, and they are similar, if not a bit more sarcastic.

    I'll check those others out. Thanks for the recommendations! I do trust your taste, since your TV picks line up so well with mine. :)


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