Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Planner? I don't need no stinking planner...

I've forgotten everything.

This week I missed one appointment and nearly missed the other, arriving 20 minutes later than I should have. It was okay, sort of an informal appointment, but you know, not really okay. At least not to me. It makes me appear as I am-- flighty and unorganized. Never mind I have a planner now, I don't use it. It's like you live your life one way for 39 years and someone hands you a planner and BAM! you're supposed to be a natural at using it. Why yes, I am blaming everyone except the correct person... what's your point?

But seriously, I've always been someone whose schedule changes from day to day, a traveling teacher. And that funky schedule would change each semester/quarter (and I teach at two schools, one still on quarters, one on semesters, which doesn't help matters), but somehow it was this organized chaos. I was responsible to my classes and no one else. I used email like a fiend, but otherwise interacted with my students in class and went home. Or to the next school.

This new job is, well, new. I sit in an office much of the day, and I have actual appointments. I don't have to hop in the car and move from class to class, I just have to remember individual little points in time in different spots of the building.

Surely, I can do this. Surely, I can learn to USE the planner or remember to set the alarm on my phone, or ... something.

I love writing things down. I hate having to remember them. I almost forgot my son's birthday this week. ALMOST. I didn't. I got cake and balloons, and we had a nice dinner out. But... almost. Sheesh.

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  1. If there's even a chance I'll forget something, I write it down. Because why would I remember?


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