Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Rewatching BTVS is one of the most delicious guilty pleasures I have. That show provides entertainment, people. It's always made me laugh, even cry in one spot (just one, hush), and there's such a comforting familiarity in it. Rewatching it is like taking a cozy, warm little trip through time.

And no, I'm not even on Ambien as I write this. Just feelin' the Buffy love.

There are no high quality videos of Buffy online. This is one of my favorite bits from "Restless," the finale of Season 4, where they are all dreaming (I adore a good dream sequence). This is Giles' dream where he figures out they're all in danger and sings the exposition.


  1. I've been thinking some about writing dreams lately, trying to get them real. (They're hard to get right.) So yes, thoroughly impressed with (1) "try not to bleed on my couch I just had it steam cleaned," and then (2) the wire coming out and him having to reconnect it. I forgot that a huge element of dreams is this obsession with insignificant and random details in light of the whole. And then, you know, something huge going wrong and having to fix it.

  2. I love writing dreams! I agree that they are tough to get right. That entire episode is all dreams-- we move through each of their dreams to sort of piece together what's going on. (Of course it's a little tied to the previous episode where they were joined in a spell, but a ton of it is just good, dreamy fun.)

  3. Restless is one of my favorites. I cry in more than one spot in that show. Especially Season 5 and in Season 3 when Buffy is given the umbrella :-)

  4. Meghan... yeah maybe more than one spot! All in season 5 for me. Obviously The Body and The Gift, but I'm surprised how often I also tear up at smaller parts-- like when Dawn realizes she's the key.


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