Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sleeping Games

Sleep doesn't like me anymore. Well, unless I take drugs, then it likes me fine. But, ugh. Last night I finally fell asleep around 1 a.m., only to wake up again at 2:30, 4:30, 5:52 and 6:02 (had a whole dream during that last 10 minutes). I miss being able to sleep anytime, anywhere. Is this part of getting older or an indication that my stress level is just a little higher this year?

I'm way ahead on my grading, which is very exciting and completely unlike me. Now, I need to clean my house and cook a meal or two, maybe do some laundry. The husband has cooked dinner every time, and he folded clothes last night. He's going for husband of the year, that one.

I have the Wii in my room now and a bluray/DVD player (got it for NOTHING. Like it was 40.00 after a coupon and a sale, regularly 160! It has all the bells and whistles, even wi-fi!) Had a gift card for Amazon left over from my birthday, and I got: Murumasa for the Wii and Star Ocean: Last Hope International for the PS3. The first one is hand drawn Japanese art while the second one is the more traditional anime look. I'm excited to try both. Next week, I'm done with classes until January 9, so I should be able to get some playing time in in between the baking, cleaning, and general time with my three boys. And reading. And yes, writing. Got a couple short stories cooking now, alongside the longer work. Or maybe they're part of the longer work... time will tell.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Talked my sister and her husband into learning Settlers of Catan and got quite a few games in. LOVE that game.


  1. Sleep doesn't like me either. Tonight I'm going to try it medication free. Here's hoping.

  2. So, you used us to feed your SoC addiction. Nice. :^)

    Thought I should also tell you I started an actual work of fiction. Barnyard allegory (non-Orwellian).

    Also, submit some work somewhere.


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