Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sick and Getting Behind

And I'm sick. This fall has caught up on me in a weird kind of way. Like, I always say, "Wow, how can it be this late in the year?" But this year, it's more like-- why would it snow? It's too early. And then I literally remember it's November already. So the fact that I'm sick today has me saying wondering if it's because it just seemed too early to get the flu shot. But it wasn't. Ugh. I'm half asleep timewise.

Still, one of the colleges I teach for ends their quarter the week of Thanksgiving. Makes final grading a nightmare, but is so nice to be left with just two classes and the tutoring after that.

December is going to be awesome. I guess if I do have the awful-for real-two week flu, now's the time to get it over with.


  1. haha, I can tell I was half sick/asleep when I wrote that now, reading through it. Mike the awesome is going to the store to get cough drops, Nyquil, Afrin, and a milkshake.


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