Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get the government involved, and you may as well sit back and relax.

I took the day off. I feel like crap. May as well rest and take meds and chill a bit. Oh, and grade a few papers along the way.

I ordered the new Stephen King book, 11/22/63, this book, Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3, and the bluray combo pack of the final Harry Potter movie from Amazon. The tracking information says my SK book "arrived" in my city of residence last THURSDAY. I know Friday was a holiday and all, but it's Tuesday and still no book. The other items all "arrived" here yesterday morning at 9 a.m. -- still none of them either. Does this mean they think they delivered them? Or does "arrival" just mean they got to my nearest post office, and now they're taking 2-3 days to walk the less than a mile distance to my door? Because seriously, we live right next to a post office. Gah. Stupid.

And I can't find anywhere online that explains if arrival means the same as delivered. Their codes aren't online. What I can find is a lot of complaining about the so-called tracking USPS provides. Apparently, I shouldn't worry because lots of folks have this issue, but I never have. At least, not with Amazon. I always received things super fast. Bah, humbug. It can't be the Christmas rush already, it just can't.

I want my stuff, darn it!


  1. I think "arrival" by itself is delivered. An "arrival scan" is different though. It could just mean the post office. If you're having this problem with all your packages, it sounds like it's the post office.

  2. I'd suggest running down to the post office and asking them, and I'd do it tomorrow if you could. I think they hold onto packages for a week until they send them back. That's been my experience here in BG anyway.


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