Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two days off back to back-- wut? Came down planning to fold clothes this morning, watch Project Runway and wait for the furnace repairman only to find that my husband folded the clothes last night/this morning! Hello!

I don't know if I have any favorites this season-- or I should say I have a couple of favorites. I enjoy the character interaction, but I think it's seeing what these people come up with/accomplish in two days' time that keeps me coming back. I find other people's creativity inspiring.

I have about 20 papers to grade, but I just collected them. So today I will grade all late/old work and get it all caught up. I am going to be smart just this once. Somehow having fewer to grade makes it easier to take in small chunks, which makes no sense but is nonetheless true.

I want to go to a haunted house! Like, soon. We'll see.

I just love the way the leaves fall here. I was walking through the campus last week and a kind of whirlwind came up, swirling falling leaves all around me. There are these total movie moments, and I get to live in them. I just need a soundtrack.


  1. I miss Ohio fall leaves. :(

    We get fall leaves in spring when the trees are shooting up new leaves.

  2. Oh and yes, let's talk this weekend!

  3. yay! Is Sunday okay? Like around 3 or 4?


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