Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On teaching

I love how organic teaching can be. You're sort of your own boss-- I mean, it has to work, you have to be educating, but you can decide how to best accomplish that. Today I feel like I came up with a creative, fun new project that will teach analysis and response while tapping into students' creativity. We're building this project together, collaboratively, and I'm excited to see the results.

In other news, I'm staying on my diet and drinking tons of water. I just need to get more sleep at night. I am not using a scale at home-- I'm only using my doctor's scale, which means I won't weigh again until October 21. I can't wait to knock her socks off!

I have wonderful and amazing ideas for blogging while I drive, but today they are just... not coming to me, now that I'm here and in front of the screen. I don't suppose writing while you drive would be a good thing.

P.S. Maybe it's being a mom and a teacher and having to repeat yourself all day long, but I do it. A lot. Notice the sentence above-- together, collaboratively. Feels kind of redundant.


  1. It also might just be your style. When I'm reading you, I never notice it unless you point it out.

    But maybe I don't notice it because it's my style too. Like how Carrie Ryan (WHAT) didn't like that I repeated one phrase throughout a paragraph, which I did to show the flow of the thought. And my writing group didn't like how I used multiple rhetorical questions.

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  3. I hope that's true-- that it's not too noticeable. I only notice it on read throughs.


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