Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Customer Service

I like my customer service to be minimal at best. In fact, if I'm in a restaurant, bring my food, be polite, but don't stay at my table telling me stories. And if we're in a dress shop, I'll approach you if I have a question. That's not to say I don't want them to be kind or help me-- just on my terms, you know?

I mean I understand why they do it. I worked in customer service as a teen and college student, and I know that you're supposed to compliment their earrings or hair or sweater, whether you really think it looks good or not. That you always have to say "you want fries with that?" and tell clients how great they look in the store's clothes/jewelry/shoes. In fact, when I worked for Elder-Beerman, we were told that we had to approach a customer that entered our area within 5 seconds. The five second rule.

And it just seems like there are a lot of people out there who are pushy or over-friendly because they think it helps. It doesn't. When the guy at a local Mexican place got too friendly, I stopped going to the place. Which was a shame because I liked it. But even then, I wasn't safe--when my husband would go in without me to get us something to eat, the guy would say "I'm gonna make it real good for your wife" and wink. What? If my husband hadn't assured me that he watched them make it, I'd be worried he did something to my food.

Then there was the time my husband and I ran into him in a grocery store parking lot, and he recognized us. He said, "How'd you like that burrito I made you?" to my husband. No, seriously, that happened.

I know I sound like a horrible person right now. I don't mind smiling, saying thank you, being polite, I try to always be very polite to people I know and don't know. It's just those that overdo it, stay too long, make you feel uncomfortable.

End of the day, pushy doesn't work. At least not for me. And apparently not for most people since we recently found out that he was fired. My guess is one too many customers complained about his freaky-deaky ways.


  1. At least you got your Mexican restaurant back!

    Whenever people know my name at Panera Bread (where they don't have to ask for it to punch it in) I stop going there.

    I need to give them my character's name. I have considered going by Kayla more than once. I would feel less threatened. I mean they call the name out loud on the speaker phone. I'd rather random people in Panera not know it.

  2. Yeah-- I'm like that too-- if someone gets too friendly, I'm done. I wonder if the majority of people are like this, since I know people trained in customer service are taught that going the "extra mile" with a person will increase sales. If it were only service, then yay. But they want to be my best friend.


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