Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I bombed on my diet yesterday. Big time. Well, it's subterfuge when my husband buys pizza and cinnamon rolls. But today, I packed a salad and some almonds from home and have drank 24 ounces of water so far, with another 24 sitting in front of me. Today will be better.

It's cold and rainy here today-- actually kind of nice for a change. The hot and humid thing was getting old. I'm sure in a month or two, I'll be back to wishing for the fiery days of summer, but for now, my umbrella and I are quite happy.

I was thinking of working my way through a book on writing while I write, but only as long as I enjoy it. I was reading this book and decided to try one of the exercises, which was to take a movie scene from memory and write it as a scene. It was a disaster. I felt like I was writing fan fiction, and I have to tell you, I know many people really enjoy fan fiction, but I just don't get it. If it's not cannon, I don't really care.

Anyway. Maybe I'll try a new book or just move past this particular exercise and see what else he's got to offer in later pages.


  1. Yeah, that pizza and cinnamon roll thing is just cruel. I would be royally pissed if that happened to me. Sometimes my roommate buys horrible crap that I could eat but I technically can't because... she's my roommate, and we don't really share food. But sometimes even smelling it sabotages me.

    Oh, I like that movie scene exercise for you. You should pick a really good movie with great dialogue (like Lawrence of Arabia or Sideways or something), then maybe it would help with dialogue.

  2. Today I was STARVED and promptly pigged out on... chicken breast. +2 points

  3. I don't know if it would help with dialolgue-- you're just copying theirs. I mean, I can appreciate and read good dialogue, but I'm not sure copying it will help me write my own. I think the idea was to take the scene from movie to page-- all of the things that go into the writing to show the emotion, the action. I think sometimes I struggle with action-- not emotion though.

    It's not that I can't write an action scene, it's the mundane scenes, where you're like how much is too much? Does anyone care if she sets the water down or turns on the light? I don't think so... but they might care if she shuffles her feet or turns the light on and off obsessively. If it adds to character or moves the plot... anyway, sometimes when you're in the middle of it, it's hard to tell the difference. 'Course that's what editing is for. Rambling now.

  4. Yeah, exactly. I'm going through my book the second time and I have a much better sense of what's important and what isn't. Also reading The Magician King helped somehow. It's a very action-y book. A lot of walking around places and exploration. It was good to see how he cut it all.


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