Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ambien made me do it

So I don't take an Ambien EVERY night, just when I've had too much caffeine, too much stress, or too much worry.

Anyway. I think I'll try to start a little ssegment-- "The Ambien made me do it."

And then I'll try to just blog normally, but it won't be normally because... because it's like I'm under water, like something is pulling me down or weighing me down or something down. and that itchy feeling behind my eyes wants me to pull the curtains on this show and say G'night Gracie.

But I'm a sucker for the in between. I find it interesting that when I take the Ambien and then get up to do something I might have complete conversations and never remember them. I forgot the last blog I wrote in this condition.

So we'll see. Next Ambien post will be about something. This is about nothing. By the way, I repeat myself in real life and in writing because I'm a teacher who basically spends her entire day repeating herself and varying the ways she says the same thing... over and over. It's bound to spill over into my fiction and blogging. Welcome aboard.

Just as a reference to the strength of this drug-- a drug which is clearly never to be abused since it's hopped up enough on its own-- but anyway, the words on my blog are vibrating in a liquidy sort of way. G'night Gracie.

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