Friday, September 30, 2011

Ambien but Coherent, I think...

I'm sitting here trying to make myself cry, just so I can get whatever is in my eye OUT. It's been there for HOURS now. It's driving me nuts!

Listening to this song helps a little.

Mediating between my sons after taking my Ambien is... not working. They should be in bed. I think they are now.

I finished The Magician King. Enjoyed the "reading" of it, there is no doubt about his ability to spin a tale. Did not care for where the tale went AT. ALL. I've always said you've got to leave your reader with hope, at the very least. You could argue he accomplishes that, but I disagree. He gave us two books to get to know the character of Quentin, and for Quentin, that was pretty much the opposite of a happy ending. And I saw it coming-- in the hillsides of England and Poppy's preachiness-- but it didn't make me feel any less frustrated when the ending came.

I will sleep well tonight. I have cleaning and grading that absolutely MUST get done tomorrow.

I should start praying for my classes. Some of them are dealing with issues most of us might never have to deal with in our lives.

I have symmetrical pimples-- one smack dab in the middle of each cheek. Whenever I get symmetrical zits, I think of Ali, my college roommate and best friend, and how we often discussed the triangulation of our pimple maps-- AND the times we got pimples in the exact same spot, like we'd synced up in zit production and spacing along with menstrual cycles. Sometimes I miss college, though there's little in this paragraph to convince the reader as to why that might be.

Today, I got excited about writing. Then I remembered my family and my jobs... and was less excited. I have been writing. Vignettes, which is fine, since that's how I get back into things. I'm writing and thinking about writing all the time now. And that's a good.


  1. Yeah that ending was kind of a kick in the gut. Strangely I'd forgotten about it. It felt more like a forced cliffhanger, sort of artificial, so I shrugged it off more than got angry. (And I skimmed a lot of the Poppy stuff too, haha. Apparently Lev's girl characters don't interest me.)

    "...that's a good" huh? If you say so...

  2. DUDE. Last week I had only lost 0.6 pounds, and this week I actually GAINED weight. More than I had 2 weeks ago. This is so annoying. (But we're talking like within 2 pounds here, so more than likely I'm just holding still and fluctuating. Still = annoying.)

  3. My guess is it's your muscles! And yes, doing some writing instead of none, is definitely a good. I'm not writing that novel until my kids graduate from high school or I get a full time job that has regular hours and no traveling. They're just more important with their homework and conversations than writing. They (and Mike) get my evenings (or what's left after grading)

  4. I think Grossman was going for a "real" ending, but it annoyed me. The only thing that helped was wondering if there might be a third book. Have you heard anything? I know you read his blog.

  5. Oh yeah, there's a third book. He let that drop BEFORE I read the 2nd book. So I was absolutely fine with the ending. Like I said, artificial cliffhanger since he's already planning on the 3rd book. There might even be 4 books total.

    That's great you're writing. Sorry I didn't say that (except to be sarcastic, but that last sentence made me die laughing because of the Ambien thing). Yeah, novels take a LOT of thought to be good. And it's admirable you want a good novel, not just any ol' novel.


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