Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Life Choices Make for Good Internet Fodder

I realize now that PhD or not (I'm going to be applying this fall) I will probably always be an adjunct. If the program pays for my PhD, then I can't see a downside-- be an adjunct with or without a PhD. I actually do enjoy learning and liked getting my masters and writing my thesis for that. Still, it's pretty depressing. I love teaching and wish it could be a full time gig, but until then I will keep doing part time at 3 different colleges, teaching more than a full time professor while still getting paid far less.


  1. Whoever makes these videos, they're always way too long. I seriously can never get through them.

    Okay, I should add I read this post while on vacation then came back to watch the video, so hating on the video wasn't the first reaction to this post.

    You work hard. You deserve better. :(

  2. Hello I'm kaiori from xanga from long long ago!

    I'm an undergrad now and I see that happening to my adjunct profs and my TAs and it's wrong. Is it too much to ask to live somewhere where education and educators are valued?

    Our student union initiatives at one time were working on better provincial funding for universities but it is an uphill battle.


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