Saturday, May 7, 2011

For the boys and girls in blue

I like the cops. They make me feel safe, and I trust that they signed up for the gig because they want to serve and protect. Yeah, I know, there are corrupt cops, but not as many as you think-- I'm willing to bet most corrupt cops live on TV and in the movies.

Anyway, I called the cops tonight because I was enjoying Doctor Who when I heard what sounded like gunshots.

Now, we have a few partyers in our neighborhood, but they are in the minority and basically, we tolerate their exuberance on holidays, but. Cinco de Mayo hasn't really been one of them, and well, today it's May 6. So, I called the local police, and they said they would do a drive by, no problem, and always call when in doubt. Cool.

I feel pretty strongly about those who spend their lives serving others-- doctors, police, nurses, ER, firemen, the military. They're heroes. And, after I went around the house making sure every window and door was locked-- knowing they were coming around to to do a drive by is enough to let me lay down my anxiety and get a good night's sleep (or as close to it as you can get when you start at 2 a.m.).

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