Friday, April 29, 2011

In which the thing stolen was ME

Someone applied for a credit card with my name. And they weren't smart enough to put in a different address, so the credit card they applied for came directly to ME. Um yeah. And I called and sure enough, fraudulent account for... food? for something glamorous and extravagant? For some desperately needed thing to survive? Yeah, no. For THE HOME SHOPPING NETWORK. Wut?

Luckily, I was all over this and checked out my credit report and made the appropriate calls. Though now I have a fraud alert on my account, which means if we were to apply for credit, it won't go through until they call me. Which seems like it should maybe be the norm, no? Also, there was a previous address on my account for IOWA. Freaking Iowa! I have nothing against it, but I don't know that I've even BEEN to Iowa, let alone lived there. It's almost like there are these computer bots creating fraudulent information for folks, but they don't end up using them all, since that past address never opened anything in my name. Also, hello, credit agency-- if I lived in Iowa in October of 1999, how is that my current residence has been my current residence since 1997, as reported by YOU? Just sayin'. Maybe you could come up with a program that catches little discrepancies like that?

So. Moral to the story: I would recommend going here and checking things out. It's for real free, not free where they make you sign up for some program to see your "free" report. You can access your report for real free from the above site from the three agencies one time each year without cost. (three total, one each agency a year)

Go. DO IT NOW. If nothing else, you'll find some credit accounts you were sure you closed but are still mystically open... I did.

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