Monday, January 10, 2011

Writing Prompt #1

I'm not sick, just answering a random writing prompt. ;)

What's the worst part about being sick?

It's definitely not being confined to the couch or having others wait on you hand and foot; it's probably the tossing and turning, not quite sleeping thing I do when I have a fever. And when you're really sick, not "I have a cold" sick, everything is off. You know what I mean? Food tastes differently, your favorite activities just don't feel right, and TV usually sucks. Even if you can watch a good show or read a good book, I find that they still feel "off." Interacting with the people in your family is definitely difficult when you're the one that does homework and dishes and is generally the go-to parent for refereeing.

The best part about being sick is taking a day off with absolutely no guilt. Feeling justified in staying home because I feel awful and can't imagine standing in front of the classroom, trashcan in hand.

If I had to choose the worst sickness, I would definitely pick strep throat and celebrate the fact that as an adult, I so rarely get it anymore. I used to get it at least once a year, sometimes twice. And I got it in a special kind of way-- not only would I have the SEARING throat pain, headache, fever, aching, and chills, but I usually vomited too. Just toss basically all of sicknesses into a bucket and you've got my version of strep throat. The good news? The last time I had it was before my son was born-- 13 years ago. *knocks on wood*

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