Monday, January 10, 2011

Hope and zucchini lasagna

The morning is always full of inspiration for me-- the kind that makes me want to try new things, believe in the process, trust that it will all work out. I CAN stick with my diet today; I WILL finish my syllabus and teach with enthusiasm today; I WILL write and clean and accomplish all of the things I want to accomplish today.

The feeling doesn't usually hold through the evening, but that's okay-- my mornings rock.

Today, I will make a lasagna with ground turkey and zucchini that is South Beach friendly (meaning I will subsitute Alfredo sauce for tomato sauce and put fresh tomatoes in), and I will roast tomatoes in my oven for a snacks throughout the week (pictures of both to follow), and I will teach class like the rock star I am.


  1. The lasagna sounds delicious! The alfredo might be too much for me, but I'm doing a different sort of diet thing myself. I went to the gym again at 0630. *sigh* Have a great day and a great week!

  2. My husband and boys have been on a low carb diet off and on since June. As a result all of my cooking habits have changed. The good news is they've all lost a ton of weight. =)


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