Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fresh starts

I love resolutions. Most people I know dislike them and refuse to participate, but since I am a lover of planning and lists, this is a natural for me each year. I actually feel a little giddy as I sit down with pen and paper. Most likely the reason I enjoy resolutions is because I am very quick to forgive myself when goals go unmet.

This year, I want to
-- spend time with my God every day: listening to Him and talking back.
--write 750 words five days a week
--finish a rough draft of my novel
--apply to a PhD and/or MFA program
--submit 3 short stories for publication
--get to my goal weight (I'm getting there)
--tell my kids and my husband I love them every day and show them I mean it through my actions and words.
--read 35 books

Time to get busy.

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  1. Yikes 750 words five days a week? You go, Girl!! I love it!! Love reading goals like these. They inspire me to amp up my list!! Best of luck to you in 2011!!! I know. Too many exclamation points. Couldn't help myself.


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