Thursday, December 9, 2010


I love dreams. Having them, writing them into my pieces, reading about them, seeing them in movies, etc. Love a good dream sequence. And I've had a few odd ones recently.

Last night, I was standing in an old two story house ankle deep in water. Except it would sway, so that the water would fill one side of the house, then sway back and fill the other. It would only go up to the knee when it was at its fullest, and it wasn't on water, just full of water, so who knows why it would randomly tilt like the deck of a ship?

But the point wasn't the water, it was the fish. They were everywhere, and each time the house would sway, there was a loud flapping sound of all of the fish that hadn't been swept up in the water, beating the floor and taking in air. And I would race and try to save the bigger ones, the prettier ones, scooping them up and putting them in the water filled side until the next time the house moved.

Go for it, Freud.

Two days ago, I dreamed that I was surrounded by baby carriages and cradles, full of babies making noises, and I was holding one in each arm in blankets, only they were NOT babies, and I knew this-- they were words. Various lengths and types, but all words. And it was like I had this overhead shot all of a sudden that pulled back like in a movie, and I could see that I was surrounded by these words, my "babies," for miles. And it was this warm, safe feeling.

I always have the best, most vivid dreams after I put the boys on the school bus and go back to bed. I don't do that every day, just when I've been up after 1 (they have to get up by 5:40 and be on the bus by 6:50), but I must say, those dreams are the most interesting. I know people will say it's because I dreamed in the morning, and I just remember them better than the ones at night, but I've woken up from dreams in the night with full memory, and while I've had some good ones, they're never as cool as those back-to-bed-morning dreams.

Remember any good ones? I love to hear people's dreams. Not really as in "hopes and," though those can be nice too, but the ones you have when your brain is on auto pilot, and your subconscious is running the show.

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  1. I am such a sucker for dreams too. Mine are, more often than not, totally bizarre.

    Lately I've had a couple that prominently featured these made up games that don't exist in real life. One was a dice game, I think the other was a card game.

    One of my recent stranger ones involved floating buildings. Like, floating in the sky. And I was worried I was going to fall off, but then I realized they all had giant nets to catch people hanging below them.

    I also have dreams that I'm not even in, and lots of dreams with famous people and/or characters from movies/tv.

    I could go on for days!


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