Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I need comfort. Tell me a story. Tell me you didn't have a best friend until you were an adult, and you turned out okay. And it wasn't that bad...

It's so hard. I know it's my fault. My sons have been to four different schools, so it's not shocking they're struggling making friends.

It just hurts. I'm tired of seeing them hurt, and I'm tired of watching them try to be brave.


  1. They'll be okay. I can think of so many army brats who were in the same situation, or worse. Is it fun? No. But they'll be okay. I'm one of those people who looks back on my childhood and thinks, "That was kind of lousy and I'm glad I'm an adult." College was a blast. That was like my childhood.

    ... Yeah, they're going to be fine. In a way, they're learning character, about how your life isn't as perfect as other people's lives, but how you keep going anyway. That's something we all have to deal with.

  2. They're strong boys, and they're going to be stronger. They sound like good boys. Just make sure they stay real, too, and figure out how to live in the world even as they are not so much of it. My siblings and I were Air Force brats and we found our own way and thrived.


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