Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Birthday Blues

Another birthday came and went. Fairly uneventful with the exception of my parents coming in for a quick visit. They weren't technically here for my b-day (it was Granparents Day at my sons' school), but it coincided nicely. :)

I sometimes wonder if folks would be as good at remembering birthdays without Facebook. I can remember my few friends who aren't on facebook usually, but old pals from high school? Hardly.

Anyway. I had a nice shopping spree-- some cute tops, shoes, and a sweater, as well as a nice brunch out yesterday. Now back to real life and grading. But Thanksgiving isn't far behind!

I sometimes find that when I'm given what is almost a blank check, I panic and have no idea what I want. Not always-- sometimes there's a new book out I want-- but I never spend my actual money as well as my imaginary. I'm always thinking, "If I could afford, I'd get fill-in-the-blank." Then when the money is there, it's a game of second guessing. Not that I'm complaining. I still prefer actually having the money to spend versus dreaming about it. I wonder if others feel this way...


  1. Re: Facebook... Apparently not, because I didn't remember. I knew your birthday was in November though. November 5th? Happy belated! :)

    I do that with the money. I kept saying I would get a Kindle and a smart phone after I got my job, but I've bought neither.

  2. I usually have problems buying for myself. I hadn't shopped in almost a year, and I wore the heck out of those few items I did buy then, so I hit a big sale at Penney's on Friday. I'm slowly enjoying those wares. The stars have to align just right for me to be in the mood to shop, to not feel hideous in everything, and to justify the expense to myself. I can usually afford what I want and need, but part of that is due to my otherwise frugal nature. Happy birthday, Laura. You're beautiful and very young-looking. Don't smack me for saying it this way, but I hope to look half as good as you in ten years. :-)

  3. I hate having to buy for myself but if I need things or see something I would use I don't mind. Usually it's for the kids or house. Hubby is on his own in that department, lol!

  4. Ok I hope you're moderating comments because I just left one and it disappeared. ;)

  5. Yep, moderating. I usually end up spending my money on the boys or house too. ;)


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