Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Birthday Blues

Another birthday came and went. Fairly uneventful with the exception of my parents coming in for a quick visit. They weren't technically here for my b-day (it was Granparents Day at my sons' school), but it coincided nicely. :)

I sometimes wonder if folks would be as good at remembering birthdays without Facebook. I can remember my few friends who aren't on facebook usually, but old pals from high school? Hardly.

Anyway. I had a nice shopping spree-- some cute tops, shoes, and a sweater, as well as a nice brunch out yesterday. Now back to real life and grading. But Thanksgiving isn't far behind!

I sometimes find that when I'm given what is almost a blank check, I panic and have no idea what I want. Not always-- sometimes there's a new book out I want-- but I never spend my actual money as well as my imaginary. I'm always thinking, "If I could afford, I'd get fill-in-the-blank." Then when the money is there, it's a game of second guessing. Not that I'm complaining. I still prefer actually having the money to spend versus dreaming about it. I wonder if others feel this way...