Friday, October 8, 2010

On Wings and Things

Why do we all talk about having wings? The broken wing has been so used, it's a ridiculous cliche. Bound to earth is what we are. But lately, I feel so much nearer the ground, heavier my footsteps, solid and plodding. If I had wings, I wouldn't consider them broken; they'd be wet, porous and soaked clean through, heavy and weighing on my shoulder blades and neck, pressing me to the cement and the blacktop I walk on to class each day.

I am nearer the earth on days like this. And it's not sad, it's just an awareness of the force of my steps and their effect on the earth. My clarity clears and clouds with the sky.


  1. This is lovely. In addition to the personal things it says, it also talks gently and beautifully about the things I'm hammering away at without any elegance. Have a wonderful weekend, Laura!


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