Monday, June 7, 2010

Just an update

So we got season passes to Kings Island (an amusement park) this year. We've already gone twice and are going tomorrow, at which point, the passes just paid for themselves. I love roller coasters and water rides and all of the above, but I'm a little worried the boys (or I?) will get sick of it. Mike is too hard to read. He keeps saying it's great exercise-- which is true. You walk for like 7 hours and don't even notice it until you're walking to the car and your entire body is one big ache.

And we might hit the water park side tomorrow too, get some sun and swimming in, since the boys leave for a weeklong "Grandma and Grandpa Camp" with my parents on Thursday. There are 8 grandkids going in total ranging in age from 13 to 7, I think. It was tougher when they were younger, I'm sure, but it's still not cake walk. They're a little crazy... in a good way.

Which means Mike and I will be alone for a week. We've already decided to travel to my in-laws' cabin for a few days to chill and enjoy the mountain air, and I'm sure we'll just hang out at home-- though can I say that by day 3 I'm just missing my kids? I can't help it. What will I do when they leave for college?

I can't think about it now. Now I've got to consider the 35 papers left to grade before Friday; the clothes that need to be washed, folded, and packed before Wednesday; the house that needs to be especially clean for my book club girls by Sunday... *overwhelmed* If I weren't so tired, I'd get on it now, 11 p.m. or not. As it is, sleep is the only option. After all, we've a full day of Kings Island in a matter of hours.

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  1. We lived in town when I was in fifth grade. That summer we spent practically every weekend at King's Island. My mom wasn't a big fan of amusement parks, but my dad loved taking us. I have fond memories of dino cones and my dad taking and "cleaning up" my little brother's cone when he couldn't eat fast enough. I remember going on the Vortex for the first time - I was tall enough to go on it and for my ears to bang back and forth against the restraints. Ouch! I remember the Beast and the Beastie and karaoke and sunburns and awesomeness. Enjoy your summer!


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