Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lists and drafty days

Spring makes me restless.

When you're a teacher, your years start in August and wrap up in May. It's the end of my year, and I longs for lists. I am a lister, a listmaker, but not a list checker. I don't get that rush from marking things off; my high comes from writing them down, planning things out, considering the possibility of this day, this year, this shopping list.

In other news, the wind is so strong here that with the windows up, my bedroom door keeps opening (crreeeaaak) and slamming closed.

I'm in Ohio and cannot believe I'm typing this, but dang it, I don't want to skip spring and go straight to summer-- we don't have central air, and I need a couple of months when I'm not sweating off my foundation before I've even finished applying it! And hairdryers? Fuggedaboudit.

Today is a good start, all windy and breezy and barely in the 70s. And is that a rain cloud? Oh, we're cookin' now.

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