Friday, April 9, 2010

Do you believe in magic?

I miss inspiration. Most nights when I was teaching I would watch a show, hear a song, and a scene would present itself, all fleshed out and ready for me to write. Now, the scenes need to be guided, molded to the expectations of my novel and it's killing my inspiration. KILLING. I feel more like I'm forcing the writing to fit into the scenes I need. They just don't feel magic like they used to.

And dang it all, when will someone write something as good as Buffy. Seriously, nothing, nothing comes close. Nothing is as witty, funny, scary, goofy, serious, sad, sentimental, spooky, dialoguelicious as Buffy. NOTHING. Joss, go back to your roots and make some more magic, darn it.

So. Tonight, I play the season 4 finale like a broken record and wait for the magic.

What inspires you? Are there "go-to" songs/artists or TV shows that set you to typing?

(I should add that there are certain songs that make me want to write and there's always Stephen King. A little King and I begin to sketch out the scenes in my mind, itching for pen and paper.)


  1. But magic is memorization, tediousness, perfection. Remember Quentin Coldwater, The Magicians! Remember.

    Q inspires me. And the movie Hercules.

  2. Music inspires me a lot. Moby, Blue October, etc. Music has always been magical to me so it's only natural that it inspires me to write.

  3. Majic, yes. Inspiration, double yes. Raw jazz has been inspiring me lately. Walks through my neighborhood and into the neighboring neighborhoods. Melissa. Good food. Bicycles. You know.

  4. What gets me writing is reading. I need to get back to the words, to get lost in them, and remember the time when they were not my enemy. When I was among them and one of them. When it was magic!!

  5. For me mere magic isn't inspiring enough. I need a purpose, a flag to follow, a cause for which to stand. Then the words flow. Realization that my silence is deafening as other voices that raise their chants above or usually (I reluctantly admit) instead of mine will help shape and mold our society even if in a small way, but sometimes in a very large way. This realization is what brings a desire to put words on that clean white sheet for me. And when they are there, scrutinize them, test them, see if they are true and right. So, those of you who, unlike me, write with ease and eloquence having a pen dripping with talent, and whose words cause blood to rush through veins, I would that you would use this gift to follow a true cause.


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