Friday, April 9, 2010

Do you believe in magic?

I miss inspiration. Most nights when I was teaching I would watch a show, hear a song, and a scene would present itself, all fleshed out and ready for me to write. Now, the scenes need to be guided, molded to the expectations of my novel and it's killing my inspiration. KILLING. I feel more like I'm forcing the writing to fit into the scenes I need. They just don't feel magic like they used to.

And dang it all, when will someone write something as good as Buffy. Seriously, nothing, nothing comes close. Nothing is as witty, funny, scary, goofy, serious, sad, sentimental, spooky, dialoguelicious as Buffy. NOTHING. Joss, go back to your roots and make some more magic, darn it.

So. Tonight, I play the season 4 finale like a broken record and wait for the magic.

What inspires you? Are there "go-to" songs/artists or TV shows that set you to typing?

(I should add that there are certain songs that make me want to write and there's always Stephen King. A little King and I begin to sketch out the scenes in my mind, itching for pen and paper.)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The character's the thing

I watched the pilot for Miami Medical last night. It was a mess. Lots of new characters tossed in, tons of medical emergencies, one right after the other, the people intertwined, and good gravy the sentimentalism. I confess I teared up once or twice, but never for the "regulars," only for the "will only appear in this episode" characters that were dying, then magically not dying. A good show might have two of those moments; a good medical show should probably have at least one per episode, but this mess had literally 6 different "Oh no, the world is ending, oh wait that kitten just smiled and the sadness and joy of it all" moments.

And I thought, why don't I want to watch this again? Grey's Anatomy has lots of flaws, but I think I know why it's so successful. It's all about the characters. The medical stuff is secondary to their development: the situations showcase the characters as they change, grow, have setbacks. The medical cases are a backdrop, not the show. This is why Three Rivers was canceled and Miami Medical will soon.

The best plot in the world falls flat if we don't care about the characters moving through it. Thoughts?

Lists and drafty days

Spring makes me restless.

When you're a teacher, your years start in August and wrap up in May. It's the end of my year, and I longs for lists. I am a lister, a listmaker, but not a list checker. I don't get that rush from marking things off; my high comes from writing them down, planning things out, considering the possibility of this day, this year, this shopping list.

In other news, the wind is so strong here that with the windows up, my bedroom door keeps opening (crreeeaaak) and slamming closed.

I'm in Ohio and cannot believe I'm typing this, but dang it, I don't want to skip spring and go straight to summer-- we don't have central air, and I need a couple of months when I'm not sweating off my foundation before I've even finished applying it! And hairdryers? Fuggedaboudit.

Today is a good start, all windy and breezy and barely in the 70s. And is that a rain cloud? Oh, we're cookin' now.